Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Today I dropped off more paperwork to Seminole County Community Assistance to see if I can get a little help on paying the rent and utility bill. This process is so long, I really wonder when or if I will get any help. There was only one woman working there today and I noticed the case worker, whom I believe is the one in charge of my paper jungle, did not come to work today. How can the state of Florida think that anyone can survive on 275.00 a week in unemployment benefits? God, in case you are reading this, I am very grateful for the unemployment help but, in this world 275 bucks does not go very far. I am praying I get some sort of job offer this week. Tomorrow I interview with the Orlando Ballet. Friday I have a phone interview with United Arts and I am double finger crossed and Hail Mary hoping I hear from the Garden Theatre for they are also looking for someone to help in the Development realm. The job at the Garden Theatre just popped up on the radar today. After checking their website I saw a human with the title of Director of Development so, I somehow hope this person just departed and maybe I have a chance.

Monday, May 25, 2015


Today I am attempting to deep clean the house for it is driving me crazy. On one hand I want to clean, on the other I want to sleep. Clean or Sleep? Olivia is at the beach right now so I have the joint to myself which is fabulous but, do I clean or sleep? I think I shall choose clean for in the long run I will feel better with a shiny house.


This is my new life blog. An avid blogger, I stopped blogging when I moved back to Florida a few years ago and I have forgotten how to make everything look cool. I am frustrated for I feel like a big dummy.